Some projects I have developed to make my mathematical life easier

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About me

I am Victor Kozyakin, Principal researcher at the Institute of Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Science.

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My projects


A permanently updated annotated list of publications on the convergence of infinite matrix products and the rate of their growth/decrease as the number of factors tends to infinity.


Example to novices how to transform TeX file with plenty of mathematics to HTML.


Здесь собраны некоторые программы и скрипты, предназначенные для настройки поддержки русского языка в системах MikTeX, TeX Live и редакторе WinEdt.

Here are collected some programs and scripts designed to configure support for the Russian language in MikTeX, TeX Live systems and the WinEdt editor.

Студентам МФТИ (for MIPT students)

Рабочие материалы по теории вращения векторных полей (степени отображения) в рамках курса для студентов базовой межфакультетской кафедры проблем передачи информации и анализа данных МФТИ при Институте проблем передачи информации РАН.

Working materials on the theory of rotation of vector fields (degree of mapping) as part of the course for students of the Interfaculty Chair of information transmission problems and data analysis of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (in Russian!)